Revision stem for hip prosthesis

INTEGRA stem :

  • Anatomical and modular

  • M/L and axial diaphyseal support

  • Specially designed for extended proximal femoral osteotomy

  • Can be locked

  • Multiple surface treatments

  • The INTEGRA fixation plate is used as a supplementary internal fixation device.

    It is recommended with this technique and indispensable in cases where the femoral flap is fractured or weakened.

    One single size that can be cut to the desired length.

  • Stainless steel, contourable, well tolerated.

  • It supports the cerclage wires. The loads generated by wire tightening are evenly distributed along the plate.

  • It allows reattachment of the vastus lateralis.


    Revision total hip replacement is necessary when :

    . the implant is broken or well fixed,
    . there is periprosthetic infection or granulomas,
    . the femoral bone is weakened or destroyed,
    . the joint space is altered, calcified, or impacted,
    . there are bone injuries as :
    - fracture after ipsilateral hip arthroplasty,
    - some pertrochanteric and subtrochanteric fractures in the elderly,
    - proximal femur malunion, sequelae of osteotomy.

    Using extended proximal femoral osteotomy routinely or by necessity may be discussed. However, it is always better to carefully plan a procedure than expose oneself to the risk of splitting the femoral shaft . Indeed, EPFO facilitates :

    . removal of the failed implant
    . cleaning of the femoral shaft
    . bone formation
    . exposure, dislocation of the implant, and avoids splitting of the femoral shaft.