Acetabular cup for impaction without screw

The MBA titanium acetabular cup is coated with HAP.

Both slots and spikes ensure a primary stability :
Three 0.5 mm slots provide flexibility which matches that of the acetabulum.
The spikes guarantee initial rotatory stability

The base of the hemisphere is 2 mm above the equator for optimal fit within the acetabulum.

  • Immediate "exa-fit" primaty stability.
  • Long-term secondary stability.
  • Simple liner impaction, absence of scalloped cut-outs.
  • No need for screws. However, holes are provided in case of revision or osteoporosis.


. Premature articular destruction resulting from a rheumatoid, post-traumatic or degenerative arthritis.
. Fracture or avascular necrosis of the femoral head.