Espace Acetabular Cup  
  Oblong acetabular revision cup
The Espace acetabular cup differs in design and geometry from all other revision systems currently available. It is intented for cementless implantation and allows restoration of the acetabular architecture with minimal bone resection.

Extension is intended to fill the bone defect. It has a
built-in slope of 45 to the axis of the body, oriented
towards the iliac wing.
Different extensions and angulations of the peak allow an optimum fixation in every anatomical distortion.


  • Reconstruct without sacrifing bone stock
  • Anatomic positioning
  • No need for strut grafts
  • Optimal contact between healthy bone and hydroxyapatite


  • Acetabular revision for cup loosening
  • Replacement of the acetabular cup in revision total hip arthroplasty
  • Primary acetabuloplasty in displasic hip